If I could use two words to describe my waxing, they would be quality and experience. I use the highest quality wax available on the market. What does this mean for you? High-quality wax ensures there is less chance of irritation and unsightly skin reactions. As far as experience goes, I am dedicated to one thing, and one thing only: giving you great waxing results!


Brow sculpting     $20

Brow upkeep        $15

Lip                        $10

Chin                     $10

Cheek                  $10

Sideburns            $10

Ears                      $10

Nose                     $10

Jaw line                $10

Neck                     $10

Partial face            $30

(Sideburnscheeks, lip, chin)

Full face                $50

(Forehead, brows, sideburns, cheeks, lip, chin, nose)


Underarms           $20

Lower arm            $30

(Hands to the elbow)

Upper arm            $20

(Elbow to the shoulder)

Full arm                 $50

Chest                     $20

Abdomen              $20 

Happy trail            $10

Back                       $40

Bikini                      $20

(Outside the underwear line)

Extended bikini    $40 

(As much as you would like, not including the back )

Brazilian                $50

(Everything in the front and the back)

Maintenance        $45

(Within 5 weeks)

Full bottom           $35

for men

Neck                     $15

Shoulders             $20

Lower arm            $40

(Hands to elbow)

Upper arm            $30

(Elbow to shoulder)

Full arm                $70

Upper back           $25

Lower back           $25

Full back               $50

Chest                    $30

Abdomen              $20

Chest & abs          $50

Lower leg              $50

(Toes to just above the knee)

Upper leg              $40

(Above the knee to the bikini line)

Full leg                  $90

Modified brozilian  $50 and up

As much as you would like, not including the back 

Brozilian                $70

Everything in the front and back 

Brozillian Maintenance        

Within 5 weeks      $65

Rear cleavage       $20

Bottom                   $20

Full bottom            $40


Brow tint                 $20

Lash tint                 $20

Brow & lash tint      $35